Elevation Consulting is registered make.com partner

Elevation Consulting is now a registered partner of make.com.

As reinventing the wheel is no valuable option, we started to search for the best tools that support our product development and automation processes. After many heavy testing sessions and real project setups that pushed some boundaries, we soon realized that there is one tool in particular which stands out in regards to flexibility, scalability and ease of use: make.com.

Example of an integromat scenario

Example of a simple make.com scenario

With over 250 integrations and with HTTP/SOAP/JSON/XML and custom modules, it opens up the doorway to endless possibilities and delivers solutions for many use cases. Not to mention the triggers, routers, filters, iterators packed in a clear visualization and many other functions. All those features makes make.com for us our product of choice. 

We are excited to announce our partnership and looking forward to contribute and support the further growth of make.com.

If you have questions regarding automations or simply want us to evaluate your possibilities with automations feel free to get in contact with us.

In the upcoming weeks, we will give some insights to our tool stack that we have in “running mode”.